Street Art In London: The City's Best Wall Murals

Street art can be found almost everywhere in London, especially around East London, in fact Shoreditch boasts one of the highest concentration of street art anywhere in the world.
We all know London is expensive but going on a self-guided tour is absolutely free and you'll always discover something new because fresh works are being painted all the time. In fact you shouldn't be surprised if some of the ones I highlight are painted - but I'll try to update this page as much as possible to avoid disappointment. Street art isn't just wall murals, you can discover contemporary sculptures and quirky installations dotted across the capital. Enjoy!
David Bowie by James Cochran
There's a Starman waiting on the side of Morley's department store in Brixton as a huge mural pays homage to the late local resident - David Bowie. Created in 2013 by Australian street artist James Cochran, the mural has become a popular memorial to Bowie after his death in January 2016. Mirroring the portrait of his 1973 album Aladdin Sane, the piece is now preserved by plastic to protect it from the elements.
Murals by Dale Grimshaw
Grimshaw is a successful fine artist who also creates bold and striking portraits across London's streets. My favourite is the above mural in Shoreditch which was recently revealed in June 2018. The work features Grimshaw's signature subject style of strongly tribal subjects, fused with bright colours and motifs. The gaze of his subjects can make any passerby stop in their tracks.
The Glitch (Clockwork Orange) by Zabou
Nearby Grimshaw's mural, you can also spot this new wall mural of Alex from Kubrick's masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange. It was created by French artist, Zabou, who has also depicted other cultural icons such as Bowie and Frida Kahlo across the streets of London.
Footballer Charlie Burns by Kevin Ledo
Prior to this mural of the later footballer Charlie Burns was another one of the footballer painted by London artist Ben Slow. For a number of years, Ben's much-loved portrait of Charlie Burns had run with little or no damage, but the original portrait was vandalised in 2013. Ben repainted the mural with a second portrait of Burns but the tribute piece was vandalised again and this time he felt the damage to the mural was beyond repair. Ben then offered the spot to street artist Ledo on the condition that the piece he painted be a tribute to Charlie Burns.
The Sacred Crane by ROA
Painted by the Belgian street artist ROA, this crane was originally meant to be a heron, but ROA is said to have changed the direction of the piece mid-way through due to Bengali residents of Brick Lane asking him if it was a crane, a bird sacred to their culture.
Girl by James Cochran
Here's another one created by James Cochran in the same style as his David Bowie mural in Brixton. If you look closely, the image is made from hundreds of paint daubs, a style called Pointillism that was pioneered by artist George Seurat in the late 19th century.